Val Scholz,
Co-founder Tenant Satisfaction Summit

We believe the UK should have the highest standard of living. Do you?

Real estate has started a journey to become friendlier, but a lot remains to be done. The British government has made some effort to improve the lives of residents, like introducing tenant satisfaction surveys, banning tenant fees, and mandating minimum energy efficiency for rented homes - but did you know the United Kingdom is still only the 18th in the world in life satisfaction? It comes as little surprise, as many of us still live in poorly maintained properties surrounded by polluted urban landscapes and struggle with lack of transparency in housing. We founded the Tenant Satisfaction Summit because we believe that we all deserve to breathe cleaner air in greener cities, where technology is to improve our customer experience, and live in great conditions to enjoy a higher standard of living in our homes. Join us and industry experts as we discuss how to elevate the resident experience, and shape the next decade of renting.

The Tenant Satisfaction Summit is brought to you by Kiko.

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